Backo Schönfeld

Marketing | Social Media

Why are you taking part in TEDxKoenigsallee?

Because I’ve learned so much through TED and would like to give back.

What does TEDx mean to you?

Inspiration, development and education

What is your job at TEDxKoenigsallee?

I am in charge of the brand strategy and look after the social media accounts.

Which invention do you wish for the future?

I would love Teleportation! To finally be able to travel without an ecological footprint…at least that’s how it works in my vision.

What is not negotiable for you?

Whether people are basically lazy and need to be externally motivated. I believe that everyone wants to be autonomous and responsible. People want make and shape their own decisions. People generally want to do something.

1.000.000 € - what would you do?

I would pay off the mortgage on the house and with the remaining money… I would surely think of something meaningful.