Florian Lanzer

Programm | Speaker Selection

Why are you taking part in TEDxKoenigsallee?

I've been a TED Talk fan for a long time. I enjoy watching Talks online and have used the chance to visit TEDx events in the past. When I found out that people can organize a TEDx event themselves, I was in! I think it would be fantastic to build and promote a TED community in Düsseldorf.

What does TEDx mean to you?

Give the audience a powerful message to take home; to spark change within the listener, in oneself and if all goes well, maybe even the world

What is your job at TEDxKoenigsallee?

As program manager, I put together the speakers and ideas. TEDxKoenigsallee wants to offer the audience an opportunity to take on completely new perspectives while being exciting and entertaining.

Which invention do you wish for in the future?

A gadget which can make any meal within thirty seconds – like the “replicator” in Star Trek.

What inspires you?

Snowboards, surfboards, wakeboards ... I also have a strong passion for good food and amazing travels.

What is not negotiable for you?

Soccer and “celeb-news”