Andreas Seitz

Coaching | Speaker Coach

Why are you taking part in TEDxKoenigsallee?

Creativity needs publicity. Bringing people and their ideas forward is one of my main concerns in life. Working with a team that has similar motivations fulfills me.

What does TEDx mean to you?

First and foremost, inspiration and the opportunity to create a better future through new impulses. TEDx is a turbocharger on a global and local level.

What is your job at TEDxKoenigsallee?

As speaker coach, I support the speakers in their preparations. I want to help them deliver their ideas in the most inspiring way possible and give them the tools to feel at home on stage.

What inspires you?

The dawn of a new day in a beautiful environment – city, mountains or ocean; and then discover everything that lies on the way.

What is not negotiable for you?

The fact that exclusion and segregation can lead to anything useful.

What superhero are you?

Odyssesus – he was a pretty cool dude. Courageous, smart and tough!